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Sigh-in for hoteliers

CountryPromo. VIP - sponsorship for hotels

Cross-marketing events bring significant benefits for the hotel. Brand promotion is not just banner places on big resources. Positioning and promotion of your hotel brand also should have a place among Russian and CIS tourist community as part of a large-scale advertising campaign of the country or the resort.

TopHotels social marketing - effective tool to increase sales

TopHotels social marketing – is a guarantee of conversion increase from the hotel page visitor to the guest of the hotel, whether he is redirected to the direct booking site or buys a tour in travel agency.

The “Interview with a travel agent” survey

Surveys are the most important tool which can be used to gain information about the preferences of the audience. Travel agencies arouse increased interest because they can significantly affect the tourist's choice as well as sales amount of the hotel. The survey of travel agents results will help to choose the most effective methods of brand promotion.

Perfect profile of your hotel on TopHotels

Hundreds of thousands of visitors are looking for a suitable hotel for a vacation every day. It is extremely important for hoteliers that TopHotels users choose their hotel. Correct and detailed information about the hotel increases the interest of tourist, this affects his decision to stay in your hotel!

Promo-site. Your successfull business with TopHotels.

Hotel site and informational materials play the important role in creating an impression of tourists about your hotel, and often they can have a determining role while choosing a vacation destination.

E-Reception - reputation management for your hotel

Two thirds of the customers look through reviews before buying a product and many of them make a decision based on the opinion of others. Your reputation is your asset.